act Target Agreements

The target agreements are an instrument of the Confederation and the cantons for the implementation of energy and CO2 emissions legislation. The company benefits from long-term cost savings through efficiency gains. An act objective agreement gives you the following advantages over other instruments:

Flexibility during implementation
Release of detail requirements from most cantons
Possibility of financial support from the Swiss Climate Foundation
Option for the release of state taxes

Process: step by step towards success

  1. Analyze the company: During a visit to the company, the most important energy data are collected.
  2. Prepare actions: on the basis of a comprehensive analysis, the energy specialist act prepares detailed energy performance actions.
  3. Conclure une Convention d’objectifs: l’entreprise définit avec le spécialiste en énergie act combien d’énergie et de CO2 peuvent être économisés au sein de l’entreprise.
  4. Mettre en oeuvre les mesures rentables : L’entreprise peut mettre en oeuvre elle-même les mesures ou mandater un tiers pour ce faire. Si besoin, le spécialiste en énergie act peut accompagner cette mise en oeuvre.
  5. Measure success and save costs: act documents continuous success and the company benefits from lower energy costs.
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