CECB : Certificat Energétique Cantonal du Bâtiment

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Our philosophy is one of quality, precise and useful advice. We are not trying to sell you a product or do a job half-heartedly. We would like to take the time during the visits to share some of our knowledge with you so that you can make a well-considered choice on your investment and renovation strategy. In most cases, passive renovation measures (insulation, airtightness) are the most cost-effective. 

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CECB is the official cantonal energy certificate for buildings. It shows the efficiency of the building envelope on the one hand and the amount of energy required for a building used in a standard way on the other. CECB provides information on the energy status of a property and the potential for energy improvement of the building envelope and technology.

It is necessary in the case of :

  • Sale of a residential building
  • Remplacement of oil or gas furnace
  • Certain grant applications

The complementary technical report CECB+: precise advice for renovation, in 3 variants with determination of their respective energy performance, estimated construction budget, energy savings and costs. This report makes it possible to set priorities, define your precise renovation project and the financial impact over 25 years. It is necessary when applying for a "building program" grant. The CECB+ report will be explained during an interview of at least 1 hour, either to the General Assembly of co-owners or to its technical delegates.

It is necessary in the case of :

  • Certain grant applications
  • Remplacement of oil or gas furnace, if the CECB is F or G.

CECB+ Subsidies

Granted amounts

  • Individual housing (category II) : CHF 1'000.-
  • Other categories : CHF 1'500.-

Once you have our offer in hand, you can apply for the CECB grant via the online portal of the national building program.

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Granted amounts

  • CECB+ : CHF 200.-

If you are a Raiffeisen mortgage customer, you are entitled to an additional subsidy of CHF 200.

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Granted amounts

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From 200.- to half on the remaining cost of the report.