Realize your savings potential with the pros

Our energy specialists are accredited by the Swiss Cleantech Agency and work with its proven tools and methods. They carry out competent energy analyses and support companies in the development of effective measures to increase energy efficiency and in the drafting of agreements with the Confederation on energy efficiency targets.

Les conventions d’objectifs avec la Confédération sont la base du remboursement de la taxe CO₂ et du supplément réseau. En outre, elles représentent la meilleure possibilité pour les grands consommateurs dans de nombreux cantons de remplir leurs obligations légales.

Experience shows that companies can save up to 30% of their energy costs and benefit from energy tax refunds. With the help of our act accredited energy specialists, take advantage of this savings potential in a professional way.

With act, you obtain a complete energy optimization on the one hand, which can be supplemented by implementation on the other hand as required - with services and costs tailored to your needs.

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